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Come Worship With Us!

 Worship: Sunday at 10:45 am 

Word for the Day

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You are invited to begin a great adventure...

reading through a book that when inspired by the Holy Spirit is God’s word to us!

This journey will take 18 months. You may choose between 2 tracks:

1) For those who want to read every word of scripture, you will read 1-4 chapters a day.
2) For those who want to read a portion of every book of scripture, you will read a passage a day.

We will alternate between Old and New Testaments and schedule readings on Monday through Saturday with Sunday for worship.  The weeks are listed on the right.

May God bless you all along the way!


Week 60

Monday -       1) Ps 113; Is 53-55     2) Ps 113; Is 52:13-53:12
How would you describe what Jesus did for you?

Tuesday -      1) Ps 114; Is 56-58     2) Ps 114; Isaiah 58
What is the difference here between true and false worship?

Wednesday - 1) Ps 115; Is 59-61     2) Ps 115; Isaiah 61
How do you feel about being called the spouse of God?

Thursday -     1) Ps 116; Is 62-64     2) Ps 116; Isaiah 65
Does this remind you of any other scripture passage?

Friday -          1) Ps 117; Is 65-66     2) Ps 117; Isaiah 66
What does this image of the new Jerusalem mean to you?

Saturday -     1) 2 Timothy 1-2         2) 2 Timothy 1
Who has been a good spiritual example for you?  How can you thank him/her?