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Come Worship With Us!

 Worship: Sunday at 10:00 am (June 16 through September 8)

Loving One Another

Membership & Outreach - Activities

  1. Care for bereaved families.
  2. Outreach to visitees (those who are not longer able to regularly attend worship)
  3. Maintenance of a Cradle Roll recognizing the newest members of the congregation.
  4. Sending cards to those who need encouragement because of illness or life challenge.
  5. Sponsoring monthly fellowship receptions (September - June) following worship (ordinarily the 2nd Sunday)
  6. Working with the Office to send a monthly newsletter.
  7. Planning special meals - Lenten luncheon, Pentecost potluck, All Saints potluck

If you would like to be part of this rewarding ministry, contact the church office at 724-478-4807 or