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Come Worship With Us!

 Worship: Sunday at 10:00 am (June 16 through September 8)

Brief History


Glorifying God while caring for the community and showing God's love has been the main function of the Apollo United Presbyterian Church for almost 200 years.  It has grown and changed throughout the years and continues to be led by the Holy Spirit into new life for all.

A Bit of Our Heritage:

The current church was born in 1970 with the merger of the congregations of the Westminster Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Calvin United Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) on January 1, 1970.  It was decided to use the building on 401 First Street, which had been built in 1906, as it was the larger structure. 

At the time of the merger, Rev. Stanley R. Boughton was the Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church and the stated supply for Calvin Church.  Rev. Boughton became the pastor of the merged congregations and served until his retirement at the begining of 1974.

Pastors who served the Apollo congregations since that time:

Rev. Geoffrey Sirkett                                               Summer  1970

Rev. Dr Raymond J. Marquette                               1975-78

Rev.  Raymond T. Eichler, Jr.                                  1979-87

Rev.  Dr. Darrell D. Knopp                                     1989-97

Rev.  Donald Ewing (Interim)                                 1997-98

Rev. Dr John Helgeson                                            2000-06

Rev. Lea Austin  (Temporary Supply)                     2007 - Present